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Mesteam is a platform and coin for trading and / or sharing games, game characters and other content.
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What is Mesteam

According to existing estimates, more than 1 billion computer players are currently registered. Tens of thousands of studios and teams are engaged in the production of computer and mobile games, and the number of game projects is growing exponentially. In monetary terms, this market is more than $ 137 billion for 2018 and continues to grow.
In addition to the actual creation and sale of games, there is an “internal” market for in-game content, inventory and skins, as well as game currency. The annual turnover of this segment has already exceeded $ 3 billion, despite the fact that only 6% of players are involved in this process.
But in this huge and growing market there is a small number of centralized companies that control the main volumes of trade and, in fact, are oligopolistic - Steam, WeGame (for the Asian market) and several others. Due to their centralized system, a conservative method of responding to market demands and a management structure, it is quite difficult for new studios to break into the market. They have to invest significant funds not so much in creating and improving the quality of the game, but in marketing methods of promoting the game.

Under these conditions, the community of game publishers and people continues to form. They disagree with the policies of the old monopolists and are ready to interact directly, without intermediaries.
Our project is just such a platform on which both the sale and exchange of games and in-game content can be carried out.
Since traditional payment systems are not rational to use because of the large number of microtransactions, we introduce payments on the platform using our own cryptocurrency - Mesteam.

Coin Economy

The economy of our project involves the emission in the final amount of 90 000 000 coins, intended for use in transactions between game creators and registered players, as well as for transactions between the players themselves.
Using the PoS with masternodes method of finding blocks will allow project users to gain additional benefits from participating in the project and owning coins.

Technical info
  • Coin name: Mesteam
  • Coin Ticker: MTE
  • Total Supply: 90 000 000
  • Maturity: 212 blocks
  • Algorithm Quark
  • Block Time: 1 minute
  • Staking age: 3 hours
  • Rewards: MN - 75%, POS - 25%
  • MN Collateral: 2000
  • Premine: 50000
  • Block height Reward
  • 1 - 7200 1
  • after 7201 14


The Roadmap

2019 Q1
  • - White Paper Update
  • - Launch a coin and blockchain
  • - Coin wallet release
  • - Listing on MNO
  • - Listing on the Exchange
2019 Q2
  • - Update White Paper
  • - Release of the platform service for selling / buying games
  • - Advertising campaign to attract game publishers and players
2019 Q3
  • - iOS wallet launch
  • - Release of the platform service for the exchange of games between players
  • - Signing partnership agreements with similar platforms (for exchange and cooperation)
2019 Q4
  • - Release of the platform service for the exchange of games with participants of other platforms (through our API)
  • - Entry into Asian markets (China, South Korea, Japan)
2020 Q1
  • - Carrying out a marketing campaign to attract new users and business partners
  • - Conducting pre-Christmas sales
  • - Release of the platform service for the use of Mesteam cryptocurrency as a game currency in partner game projects

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